It Came in a Certain Shade of Yellow

The key to self-improvement of any kind is first to recognize that you want to improve something. Any time you ask someone for advice or help with your happiness and safety, you’re asking someone or something to intervene. You’re asking for something outside of you to make a change. Such was the case when a client of mine called me to come over and help … Continue reading It Came in a Certain Shade of Yellow

A Turquoise Farewell

Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive abilities and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul. It was how I pictured her energy empowering the room. Continue reading A Turquoise Farewell

How Do You See Color?

Red stimulates the adrenal glands and generates feelings of energy or threat, depending on the intensity or amount. But, when used in conjunction with repetitive or detail-oriented tasks, it actually enhances performance. Red can be calming in a sunset, just as it can be exciting in a blooming geranium, or even glaring on a firetruck. It all depends on the context. The benefits of color-coordination on memory and emotion are fascinating! Continue reading How Do You See Color?